A Cold Lesson at the End of Love



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    A Cold Lesson at the End of Love

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    Translated by Muhiddein Assaf

    You laugh
    This is what you know:
    I offered my solicitudes, feelings and madness
    On a plate of jasmine and Narcissus
    And you turned your feelings away from me
    I glorified your name as much as the grains of sand
    And the number of water drops
    And the number of beats of the heart
    But you refused my praising
    I put a necklace of kisses around your neck
    And bracelets of longing embroidered with flowers
    I turned the springs of rivers, to spring from your fingertips
    And end in your fingertips

    I told you that
    The Goddesses of Sumer, Uruk,
    Babylon, Assyria, Athens and Rome
    Desire to kneel and offer Eucharist to your majesty
    But you refused

    You imagined
    That my cities were destroyed
    My carriages were broken in the desert
    It seems you have forgotten
    That I have been in love
    Do you recall
    The fall of stars from your fingers,
    The rolling of my days
    Before you
    The making of many angels
    Worshipping around you
    And plucking your words
    To create from them, psalms,
    That give lustre
    To our existence
    As they bathe in your voice?

    I see your smile in my cigarette
    It is framed in my miserable room
    And in my miserable life too
    Your smile is swimming in my imagination
    And leading my dreams like a prisoner of war
    Your smile accompanies me like my breath
    I smell in it the odour of the sea
    And the aroma of the orange
    I smell in it the perfume of my sad home
    The smile of my home that is hiding deep sadness
    And you are hiding under your smile
    The sadness of my home
    You are my home, aren't you?
    Oh, you my pain and the pain
    Of the bought country
    You are the whole of my sadness
    And the sadness itself
    I fear for you to be protected from yourself and myself
    You are the wholeness
    And the whole of everything
    Should I say: The wonder of the souls’ throbbing
    Has been lost by your neglect
    Should I say: You find pleasure in dropping
    My dreams from their throne
    Then erasing them like erasing a word from your note book
    Have you enjoyed seeing my grief
    Ramble under your windows
    And roads to reach you?
    Do you know that the streets … gardens … are in white
    Because they smell your scent
    As you pass by?
    You, the first wind
    The anarchy of storm
    You, the greenness of my days
    Have you not read my hymns over your lower lip?
    Have you not read my anxieties before your bright honour?
    You should know:
    You are my dependency
    and longing
    I am now as a great man, who finds himself
    Like a dwarf before a pretty woman,
    Like you
    ... And ...

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