Honey is fermenting on your tongue



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    Honey is fermenting on your tongue

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    Translated by Abbas El Sheikh

    I am trying to restrain my shooting stars in vain;
    My neighing is flowing and you are my desired one.
    It is just in vain ... deliriums!

    How did you leave the doors and roads spinning around
    And not take notice of the stars falling between your fingers?
    At that moment I was nowhere,
    But suddenly you whetted my soul.
    For you I draw on the passages of estrangement from other homelands
    And the heaven between my fingers is forlorn.
    I cover it with mewing poems
    And head to you, hearing the forests singing
    And the seas stay aloof.
    I see a desert moistening
    And head to you, listening to silence,
    Taking with me nothing but the geography of pain -
    And I never arrive …

    Will the rest of my life be enough
    And a little of dreams?

    You are my holy soil,
    Your eternal morning is budding with poems.
    You are the wave,
    We crown your childhood with your glamour.
    You are our mirror;
    In your hands are the keys of wisdom,
    And on your tongue honey is fermenting.

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