I crossed the borders accidentally



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    I crossed the borders accidentally

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    Translated by Abbas El Sheikh
    Edited by Mark Pirie

    The only loser of the wars was me.
    So, I hung them up reluctantly,
    And went searching for myself
    And destruction was whinnying in my shoulder.

    The smell of splinters
    Is a prolonged nausea;
    I pull the repeated defeats
    And line them up on the table
    So that they will wound the decorations.
    I hang up a long history on the window
    And hang up my life on a bullet
    Suspended from a far away heaven;
    My fingers are remnants of ancient cities
    And the seal of the dead are my steps.

    O Sun wait for me,
    To pick up my mornings from a pavement;
    There is nothing on it but my body
    And remnants of skulls decayed by alienation.
    Depart away not,
    To let me gather my splinters
    From a hole in the clouds.
    I distribute my years among the newspapers and journals;
    My years are dried like sultanas.

    Those ashes of wars suffocated my soul
    And dried the oil of childhood at my door.
    The door released me
    Stinging my mornings,
    And countries escaped between my fingers.

    I crossed the borders accidentally -
    My decorations are question marks,
    Distances are whinnying
    And their coldness kneels on our lives
    Crushing our days,
    And my dust is covering the walls and windows
    But does not come near to my stature.

    Since the stroll of the first war -
    I mean the foolishness of the General -
    I have entered the city
    Like a dog
    In whose face the houses are barking.

    My mother arranges the stars, which are mixed
    With her hair,
    And drinks tea in which she dissolves her sadness.
    Roads are streaming on my feet
    And the fruits of the trees are dangling
    On the horizon.

    Horizon is an illusion for the eye -
    Who can hold its shadow?
    Our mistakes are a homeland leaning on a spear
    And our dreams are growing on balconies.

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