An embrace interrupted only by strafing



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    An embrace interrupted only by strafing

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    Translated by Muhiddein Assaf
    Edited by Mark Pirie

    I am astonished at what my hands will release:
    Love and withered memories the siege has sapped and dried.
    My days propagate blackness here.
    I release rains and greenness from my autumn
    While wars are compounding in me,
    My memories moisten with exile.
    Between my heart and the pavement
    A long embrace that has not been interrupted
    Except by strafing.
    Dark lines, hunger, grievous sights
    Of women who carry the fruits of seduction inside their jeans
    Tighten like my country ... my habitual madness.

    Waiting is flashes from our eyes
    Eating away streets.
    Leaves fall on the pavements.
    As they open their blossoms
    All the seasons gather in my palm.
    Every road to you becomes a spark.
    The ashes of my days’ everlasting windows
    Break their silence to let the angels look down
    Rinsing the air from the clamour of the distant horizon,
    With peppermint-washed hands.
    My light contemplates peeling the foam off the seas
    And maybe the coasts too.

    O wave, my friend!
    Strike the sky with your staff,
    My ancestors fall with the zodiacs
    Performing in the temples of stars
    You will go with me,
    To lodge the labyrinth in its lethargy,
    To lodge the light which missed its paths in my forests
    Let us moisten the darkness
    And let the shade bathe in your dew.

    Tell me:
    Are these fields from your nectar?
    The ember whose spring is my heart
    Is looking for your heart to fall into,
    While my fingers are wounded by a sky that is not mine.
    Planets I concealed with jasmine
    Take their rest in my pockets
    Fearing these wars that always desire me
    Hanging my shirt as glory to someone else
    Then slip away to paint my childhood with coal.
    In front of God I stand lonely
    And count my sins.
    Those on my right hand have been eaten by the planes
    And those on my left hand have been swallowed by the war.
    How then shall I embrace the light?
    My shadow seduces me,
    So I epitomize madness.
    I cast insanity upon my hook, fish bite my words
    Letters abandon me for a piece of paper
    Suggesting a home, a women and two children.
    Ah! I remember I’m homeless
    And wars still follow me and change their shape.
    The splinters are my permanent cough;
    Soldiers’ boots have deformed my memories.
    All in my palm becomes ashes
    Where will I keep the kisses of the river
    That one day entered the city in the guise of a boy
    Whom the soldiers raped?

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