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    ... You ...

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    Translated by Abdul Monem Nasser
    Edited by Mark Pirie

    You are a tempest that confused me.
    Your cedar forest entrapped my desert.
    I sense the yellow broiling with the rosy;
    no breath of memories can exist in your voice.

    In the garden of your summer
    I went on sculpting my days.
    I painted my daytime
    with the rays of your laughter,
    and in the very same garden
    I plant our two childhoods
    without agony or bitterness.

    You told me to banish cruelty from the garden,
    and to let in the lyrics of Fairouz.
    I watered your fountains with secrets,
    and by the locks of your dreams
    I interlocked the daisies
    while I stumbled in silence.

    Your divulgences are festivals that adorn my life
    and at which I grabble, as I have never done before.
    I was an obelisk, suppressing my pain
    by the brushes of your radiance.
    You removed the dust,
    sufficient to make a statue for your patience.

    Every morning
    I open a gate of merriment and find joy.
    I set tranquility in your forebodings.
    I invite you to stretch out my heart
    as a promenade for your desires.

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