My Rank: Defeated



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    My Rank: Defeated

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    Translated by Abdul Monem Nasser
    Edited by Mark Pirie

    A refugee,
    Yes, I am a refugee.
    Got sick of wars
    And found comfort in the shade of exile.
    From my father,
    I inherited ruin.
    From the barracks,
    The taste of degradation.
    Years of hunger
    Whinny in my lips.

    In airports, I have fallen:
    I have fingerprints,
    And on my passport
    Slaps from security men.
    At the borders
    I have a memory swelling with pus,
    And from the past
    I have the spittle of warplanes
    (That immerse us in a tasty bowl
    Ready for destruction).

    My shirt is wet with the dew of minarets,
    The yearning of the people
    And the pleas of friends.
    For my mother: the chore of waiting,
    Until waiting itself became skilled in waiting,
    While all the time eyes classified me:
    A refugee, a refugee ...
    At the noon of July the twenty-second, 1996,
    Karbalaa embraced Hiroshima
    And I became a number in the U.N. archives.
    I am a refugee;
    My visage: shores of agony.

    Mighty men
    Who carved valour on their shoulders
    Sank between my shores,
    And the prophets
    Sought shade beneath my transgressions.
    I am a refugee.

    The recklessness of an officer
    And the stupidity of a Sergeant
    Smuggled the nation,
    Awash in an oil-truck of grief.
    So, I came home from the war,
    With my rank: Defeated.

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