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    Translated by Abbas El Shiekh
    Edited by Mark Pirie

    Friends depart
    Followed by dreams
    Lighting deep their paths of alienation
    Their intimacy is forlorn
    Their roads are fading
    Their strength is failing
    Their wishes taken by surprise
    To commit suicide … commit suicide . . . commit suicide …

    They draw spring as a patch for them
    And never return
    Only to find autumn eating into the map of the country
    They seek the help of the two rivers, but destruction in its full attire
    Is running in an area called home

    Friends depart
    Sea is swallowing their moons
    Airports are archiving them in the oblivion basket
    Borders are exclamation marks in their lives
    But they did not crook their cross
    Their memories are still at the house
    Courtyard rocking their childhood

    Friends depart
    Friends depart

    Friends d e p a r t e d

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