Inhabited by bleeding



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    Inhabited by bleeding

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    Translated by Abbas El Sheikh
    Edited by Mark Pirie

    Those who light my candle
    Their departure is emaciated
    And their destruction is suspended
    In remote regions of life.
    Their trees became red for my sunrise
    Embroidering my streams with shadowless stars.
    Those who ignite their dreams in exile -
    I wish they could inattentively reproduce in
    The palms of my hands
    And never permit the mirrors to
    Reincarnate in me.

    The handles of my gates are rusty;
    And yet their fading waving is awake
    On my doorstep;
    They pierce my shirt with the myrtle
    And forget my wound on the house’s table;
    Just like I forget the day I guarded their steps.
    I teach Henna how to dance in my fingers
    And the sign of carnation is nostalgia.
    But here I can only buy for my soil
    Flowers that aren’t Arabian jasmine;
    Even if the cooing is a stable memory -
    Those who light my candle are inhabited by bleeding.

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