Life Runs Wherever You Catch It



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    Life Runs Wherever You Catch It

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    Translated by Soheil Najm
    Edited by Mark Pirie

    O women of Babylon
    O granddaughters of hurt
    set the wind in Caravan Street,
    and hang the wail on Ishtar’s roads.
    Here it is, the darkness climbing the seasons:
    Hussein has died.
    Incense the evenings
    and go round his youth.
    Over his bier,
    disperse the femininity
    and light the bleeding candles
    on the words to let your weeping extend.

    I say to him;
    ‘Life runs wherever you catch it
    and wherever you leave your valour
    to dissolve as a banquet for the earth.
    Do not boast of your revenge,
    for you have shut your book on us.’

    O women of Babylon,
    Hussein has died.
    Let’s count the orchards on his shirt,
    the longing of the doves
    and all the letters the bombardment
    Let’s count too
    his father’s wisdom under Autumn’s control
    and his date palms,
    and let’s call out through the land:
    Hussein has died!

    You distributed the dawn to us
    and shared the day with us,
    you gave us directions
    to harvest dryness into rain,
    you led perplexity
    to a certain pasture
    that spread flowers and kisses
    over our weeping
    and when fear enthroned our shoulders
    you disposed of our stumbles.
    How come then…
    you let the absence
    belittle your glamour to us –
    please, mind not
    about our tears when they inscribe:
    has died...

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