Mount Taranaki



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    Mount Taranaki

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    Translated by Soheil Najm
    Edited by Mark Pirie

    I stand in front of the sea,
    an orphan;
    every moment
    he is hurling at my face his yelling and darkness.
    Blood has coagulated on my feet
    and greenness emanates with eternity.
    I stand in front of the sea,
    an orphan.
    The days are falling
    and many seasons are wandering
    in my body.
    On my forehead,
    the wool farms are boasting
    and the birds are sheltering in me.
    After every defeat from the waves
    clouds are surrounding my neck
    as a necklace of time
    and a witness to deserted battles.
    My rains are outlaws
    and my waterfalls are roaring bleedings.
    The woods are resting on my palms
    and below my navel
    there are things I can never describe
    that attract the ibexes.
    Whenever the winds besiege me
    I call on my splendor
    to emerge, lofty, on the horizon;
    the horizon itself is squatting beneath me.

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