Something About You; Something About Me



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    Something About You; Something About Me

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    Translated by Soheil Najm
    Edited by Mark Pirie

    the station of big wind
    opens its arms
    to bottle the wet air
    and mixes it with calls for help
    from salt water goddesses.

    Churches turn with the horizon, silent.
    Their bells are deliriums for fools
    who have lost their innocence.

    on your legs
    seas are planted fruitful with waves.
    The waves themselves
    mostly steal kisses from the passersby.
    In your shy sky
    the caravans of clouds are grazing, stirred
    since the wolves of the days
    began coloring their claws with my blood.

    Here the rain is an ancient warrior
    which has lost every war
    yet shows its power to you.

    No flutes or pipes
    may return pleasure to me,
    only the Anonaky*
    drinking beer and smoking the sweet herb.
    I am anxious about your navel filled with pohutakawa
    wherein the Kiwi
    broke its wings forever
    as a sacrifice for the Maori,
    and now when lightning knocks
    at the doors of its nest
    it tears its identity cards.

    weaned from the crowing
    and the blockade of history,
    the snow is not your interest
    and storms are terminal rivers
    ending their letters in your index finger.
    It is me who led you to warmth
    but you, like all the cities that dissociated me,
    extinguished my dreams
    and spread their shrouds through my ways.

    Your low mountains
    are never weary of viewing your coasts
    where the dolphins play and sing in your corners
    and sometimes under your shameless sun
    women are showing their legs
    unaware I am burning
    with desire.

    *Anonaky are the Gods of the Babylonians

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