Inside the Citadel of Hiroshima



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    Inside the Citadel of Hiroshima

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    Translated by Abdul Monem Nasser
    Edited by Mark Pirie

    Celebrating the Hanami,
    I contemplate
    the chamber of the Great Samurai
    and brush aside the dust of distant centuries.
    The samurais fill the halls of the Citadel, and its chambers.

    Here, the rustling of swords penetrates history
    and the slits inside the walls, and
    the echoes of their victories hang in the corridors.
    Their shields, with handles of silver
    are mirrors for past glories;
    their casques are containers of heroism;
    their looks are tales that shatter the hearts of books.

    Behind every door, a whispering that reminds you of the past.
    On the plush seats
    traces of kisses and tears,
    sounds of past memories
    that spread over rice paddies
    like a breeze through sakura trees
    extending with eternity and
    meditating – it is the majesty of the Great Samurai.

    And surrounding the Citadel are waters
    that aren’t a defence against enemies,
    they are kingdoms, secrets too,
    and beasts to eradicate, and
    spangling every waiting corner
    are hints from the Prince.

    The Citadel that witnessed many a war
    and many plagues
    that you get confused at times
    when you stumble over horses’ hooves
    the battles forgot
    and the spectres that moan with the killed.

    How many arrows shot have
    you stepped on, unknowing, and
    how much rest have you taken between shades of leaves
    on which Fall has piled up,
    while you watch the Great Samurai
    inside his glass chamber
    weary of the pitiful looks of visitors
    who point to the dampness of this place.

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