Homage to Basho



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    Homage to Basho

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    Translated by Abdul Monem Nasser
    Edited by Mark Pirie

    There you are in the presence of Basho,
    chanting at the meeting,
    and lovingly holding
    what others for so long craved;
    the fingers of Buddha caressing your soul.
    What you look for you shall not find in entirety.
    At times you like solitude;
    more often you scorn it.
    But you celebrate,
    filling your memories
    with rituals of monks,
    who incense their lives
    with poems of Basho;
    and his teachings and wisdom.

    There you are in his presence.
    inhale the air heavy with prayer;
    and if you wish,
    bathe in the rivers of Hiroshima
    that run to escape the silence of the mountains.
    This silence is the wisdom of Ahiqar.

    There you are in the presence of Basho.
    Don’t forget to pour the water over your hands,
    to strike the tolling bell,
    and to remove your shoes.
    To him, remember your childhood.
    When he offers you sake,
    tell him about your ancestors,
    when, out of clay,
    they carved a history that became their imprisonment;
    yet, a sail for others.
    Inside the roads of a labyrinth,
    when the precipice leads towards you,
    while you are alerting all of your past,
    disregarding the throngs of terraces in your dreams
    or forests peeking at the wailing of the ocean,
    whisper to the tempest, that it should retire in abashment;
    for cherry trees chant to their nudamai.
    They are the writing fingers of the haiku prince.

    Of falsehoods:
    you have to cleanse the air
    and adorn the stars in a crystal sky,
    with sweet waters the rivers are worthy of.
    Trees at river banks are abundant with breeze.
    Dismiss stray thoughts of the winds,
    refine the day well
    and leave a pleasant memory at every tomb.
    There you are
    in the presence of Matsuo Basho
    and there they are, fields of withering grass
    at the road side
    dreaming of trickling water
    or of two lovers in adoration.

    Nudamai – Drinking companions

    Ahiqar – A Sage in Ancient Iraq

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