The Buraq Arrives in Hiroshima



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    The Buraq Arrives in Hiroshima

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    Translated by Abdul Monem Nasser
    Edited by Mark Pirie

    In front of the Citadel of Hiroshima,
    alone, stands the Buraq –
    with no prophet to mount him.

    He contains dreams that have since perished.
    Under his feet the river flows,
    impetuous, pulsating with madness.

    So many have passed before him,
    lamenting their grief,
    their heads unraised,
    ignoring the dust
    that creates layers on his wings.

    Even the birds that make nests
    in his hair
    no longer tempt tourists for snapshots.
    The signpost, bold under his hooves,
    has surrendered to graffiti,
    and the quickness of termites.
    His legs, by which he raced for so long,
    bring to mind fasts and decay.

    This Buraq, meanwhile,
    waiting for who will inhume him, far away,
    forgot to dream of a prophet
    who could mount him.

    Author’s Note:
    In the centre of Hiroshima, opposite its castle, is a statue of a winged horse that reminds me of Buraq, the winged horse that Prophet Mohammed rode from Mecca to Jerusalem on his way to ascending to Paradise.

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