While Buddha Smiles



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    While Buddha Smiles

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    Translated by Abdul Monem Nasser
    Edited by Mark Pirie

    On the smile of Buddha I descended.
    From his lips I gained his mystifying wisdom.
    I had closed all the gates to my lament,
    and my bashfulness concealed my reverence.
    When rain hugged the scent of butterflies,
    saffron climbed ever-rising walls.
    Buddha’s smile became plains
    stitching the robe of the sky.
    I reached for its light to be born in the words,
    and to the words I carried a river.
    I drove away the past.
    I contained my silence and celebrated my bliss.
    I watched the monks of Buddha surround and abound.
    Their prayers beamed on my solitude
    a halo to which lightning pleads.
    Its candle glow creates the illusion of nirvana.


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