The Samurai



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    The Samurai

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    Translated by Soheil Najm
    Edited by Mark Pirie

    Unsheathing his sword that is almost to his height,
    he puts on his helmet
    girded in steel.
    He is in his full splendour.
    He has the scent of history and the remains of its dust.
    And because there was never enough warriors to fight
    he was placed in a corner of a museum.

    At festivals
    you can see him sitting on a rock near his palace
    or standing on a corner
    taking photographs with children,
    and in the best instances
    he parades in front of the visitors.

    At night,
    when all the families return to their houses,
    he is stripped of his splendour
    and returned to a dark corner
    of a museum
    awaiting a new festival.

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