Joussour (Australia): Poems are like flowers



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    Joussour (Australia): Poems are like flowers

    مُساهمة  Admin في الإثنين أبريل 22, 2013 8:32 pm

    Basim Furat is a renowned Iraqi Poet who draws on the cultural heritage
    of the world's oldest civilisation Land of Two Rivers (Iraq).
    He was born in a town called Karbailo, meaning the
    House of the God in ancient Sumerian. The name, Basim
    means smile but when he was born those around him were not smiling
    which made him wonder why he had been given that name. One of his
    earliest memories was a Festival of Crying, a ritual remembrance of the
    champion of freedom, Al Hussien, hero of the struggle against the Arab
    Kings in Iraq.

    Basim found himself in poetry. He went beyond the smile of a boy who
    had not known his father (who died when he was two) and had never
    tasted the subtle life of a community because he and his widowed
    mother had to move all the time.

    Basim became very interested in history and geography. The history of the
    Land of Two Rivers and its story of sorrow and a knowledge of its geog-
    raphy that revealed a wealth that should have provided so much to its

    His poems are like flowers, the flowers of lovers on the graves of their
    beloved which reminds us that love continues forever.
    His poems are like the petals of the flowers facing the icy storm confirm-
    ing the courage and nobility of the poet.
    When we read Basim Furat we open windows and see the result of past
    work and open other windows inside ourselves to release our feelings to
    appreciate the beauty the poet has revealed to us.

    We are sure New Zealand is proud to welcome this poet who comes from
    the first civilisation and carries with him the heritage of Gilgamesh and
    the eternal quest for the meaning of existence.

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